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Pray tell, cruise for one moment inside the mind of Mike Leach, and you will find a reference saying much if not all you need to know about his cultural references and tastes in cinema:

"One thing I’ve always liked about this place is you’ve got the great college atmosphere, but it’s got a little bit of that NFL flavor with some characters mixed in,'' Leach said. "It’s like a college atmosphere mixed with a David Lynch movie, so it’s really pretty cool.''

A naked Isabella Rossellini begging to be hit? Exorbitantly long lesbian sex scenes? Not quite, but there is a Santa with a t-shirt on that (in all seriousness) we would purchase five minutes ago.

Seriously. If you know where that shirt comes from, it's all we want for Christmas. In the meantime, you'll just have to make do with your "WWLD?" t-shirt.