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Boise State may still be in the boonies and playing on blue turf, but festivity, thy name is Bronco football. In this year's senior class finale versus the Vandals, Boise brought out the full arsenal of senior night glory:

In trouncing Idaho 58-14, the Broncos completed a pass to a lineman, who then struck a Heisman Trophy pose and took a leap into the stands. The Broncos allowed a defensive tackle to attempt an extra point. A backup quarterback threw two touchdown passes.

The lineman in question is likely NFL draftee Ryan Clady, a mammoth piece of human being who drew a personal foul for his celebration that, once underway, brought teammates over to join in since, as Ian Johnson put it, "Once I saw one yellow thing fly up in the air, I was like, 'Oh, I might as well run over.' They can't sort us all out."" Evil Richt approves!

The other grand point awarded to Boise State is the spotting of the second best t-shirt of the week, "SENATOR CRAIG IS A VANDAL." Totally true, by the way: Craig graduated from the University of Idaho in 1969, where he was in Delta Chi fraternity and was likely spanked by other men with a paddle in his initiation ceremony. You make your own guesses as to how much he enjoyed it.

Idaho's definitely-not-gay senator is yours, not ours.