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Seven shots from a handgun and a single shotgun blast were fired at Hokie CB Victor "Macho" Harris' apartment in Blacksburg, Virginia last night, including two bullets that actually made it into the apartment itself. (Remember, the issue with drive-bys is always accuracy.) In all seriousness, that is totally terrifying.

Bring it, old man. Herschel walker responds to Steve Spurrier's suggestion that he would have sent a third-stringer into Georgia's td celebration on their first scoring drive of the game in their Cocktail Party victory:

Georgia was punished, because that’s a penalty. They didn’t go out to hurt anyone. [Spurrier] talks about hurting somebody. How much guts do you have? Step in a ring with me, and then we’ll see

Be careful, Herschel. That man may look like a golf-playing jock past his prime, but there's some grapes on them vines yet. Spurrier works out like a fiend, and not just your famous regimen of thousands of pushups a day, Mr. Cromag Workout-guy. While you're over there working with the chest-expander, Spurrier's lifting weights. He's doing a little running, albeit gimpy running. He's riding a fucking bike, Herschel. A BIKE. You can't compete with that.

We know a lot about ultimate fighting from watching at least three episodes of "The Ultimate Fighter," and if we've learned one thing from our extensive viewing of that show and reading one article about Chuck Lidell, it's this: the buffest looking guy doesn't always win. OBC says bring it.

Lloyd Carr's still retiring, but first, a little chi-chi for bloggers/Rivals/pseudojournalist-types. Brian is--dare we use this word--embroiled in a spat over the likely retirement of Lloyd Carr, which has everyone chewing towels and wailing over who is a journalist and who isn't.

I cast my hat for that expensive private school over that one! If you have any kind of ambiguity going on emotionally re: this weekend's game versus Duke and Notre Dame, check out, where they're counting down the days until Duke gets their only crack in all of recorded human history at beating the Notre Dame fighting Irish.

Six million bucks. That's what Tommy Tuberville would instantly owe Auburn University if he were to retire, according to, and what any school interested in Tubs would have to pay up before paying dollar one of his salary. The article does serve as a handy reminder that college coaches, for all the talk of their CEO status and gallavanting about on other people's private jets, still come cheap, salary-wise: Bob Nardelli and his $210 million dollar Home Depot buyout piss on your pitiful "buyouts."

Lyle Moevao will knock your ass out. Reverses are quarterbacks' one great shot a game to knock several years of primary education out of someone's head. Lyle Moevao erases all the math this poor man learned after the second grade from his brain on this hit from the Oregon State/Washington game. (HT: Matt)

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