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Mr. Toad has the wheel again. LSU and their mad motorist of a coach, Les Miles, have the wheel again.

[NAME REDACTED] will hurt you. Many a Coke machine has felt his wrath, but Juice Williams could have been next had he not scrambled his team into victory against the Buckeyes on Saturday as a very, very caffeineated [NAME REDACTED] listened to his plea to go for it against Ohio State in Illinois' stunning 28-21 victory.

"That gave me an OK to go ahead and do it," Williams added.
"I knew it was just an inch or less," Zook said. "Juice kind of grabbed me and said, 'I will get you an inch.' I said, 'You better.'"
That's not exactly how Williams told it.
"He kind of scared me," Williams said of Zook. "He said, 'Get it or I'm going to hurt you.' That kind of motivated me even more to get the first."

Fear is a hell of a drug, son. Believe us, we know it--Florida's current dance partner for the bowl season would be, per CBS Sportsline projections, the Illinois Illini. If Illinois wins, this site become www.hire[NAME REDACTED].com for a day. That's a wager, y'all. (HT: Matt T.)

Joe Glenn hates your ass and will show the world with his middle finger.

Deadspin has the rest, but in short, don't guarantee a victory over Utah. They don't like that.

Colt Brennan suffered "a mild concussion" on this hit from Fresno State's Marcus Riley with eleven minutes to go in Hawaii's 37-30 victory over the Bulldogs. Being mildly concussed like this is like having your balls "slightly kicked." It's still very much bad no matter how many adverbs you add to it.

Yes, you did see this. Verne leans with it (lean with it), rocks with it (rock with it.)

He's bouncin' in the club 'cause the girls call him rocket.

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