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Intercourse Hero debunked. BOO! Pesky facts, presented by pesky fact dick Brian of MGoBlog. Josh McNeil, found in bed with three women, did not pull off the Robert Evans Brunch Package with three ladies over the weekend. They were merely sleeping on the floor and cowering from the police. BOO! on reality.

Tuberville will listen, sure, and likely milk some huge money out of Auburn, according to Tony Barnhart of the AJC in a discussion of Tuberville to A&M/Arkansas/Michigan. He deserves the money, too: Tuberville's 25-5 in the SEC and a bastion of stability in a conference with a quick trigger for laggardly coaching.

Or is it? Even [NAME REDACTED] was given three seasons at Florida despite obvious ineptitude. Ed Orgeron and his potentially winless season at Ole Miss are being given another year. Rich Brooks got three years of suck before turning Kentucky into good team like-substance in 2006. Sylvester Croom is still alive in Starkville and producing results in his fourth season. Even Houston Nutt, who's openly copulated with disaster at Arkansas, has managed to survive almost a decade's worth of football as the head coach of the Razorbacks.

Proposed: The SEC has, for all its reputation as a cutthroat conference, been somewhat stable as job market through the new millennium. Discuss.

USC still has Orenthal James Simpson's jersey in its display case. Well, the man was never convicted of anything, and he did make up part of the dream team of the Naked Gun cast. The article was written by Scott Olin Schmidt, a.k.a. BoiFromTroy, another example of a blogger allowed to fraternize with suck literary artistes as T.J. Simers in the pages of mainstream journalism. Caddy day at the pool!

You know what makes a tailgate? Strippers on their day off. (SFW, but does feature bad Soulja Boy-age.)

You too can own Matthew McConoughey's Texas Longhorns motorcycle. It features a burnt orange paint job and will not start if the rider is wearing a shirt or is not blazed to the gills off fine Mexican weed.

Blow into the sensor. If not high, get high and try again to start.

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