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Bill Callahan will kill you with his savage manners, son. Straight murder you, even if you are Tom Osborne. Callahan appears to storm past Osborne on the way off the field, but but the linked video must be doctored. After having 76 points scored on his defense, his ass was emitting an even larger plume of noxious gas than usual, as it was on fucking fire from being torched so epically by the Jayhawks.

At this point in the season, Georgia may say Aloha to Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. This is 2007, and we're putting our monthly blow and video games allowance on Hawaii to cover. Why? Because we're in a parallel world and pressing our bizarro luck 'till it squeals, and because Georgia couldn't stop the pass-freaky Troy offense this weekend. Kentucky/Georgia is a hell of a drug in the making.

Rub some dirt into that lung, son. Patrick Cowan was released from the hospital late Saturday night after the UCLA qb suffered a collapsed lung and concussion during the UCLA/Arizona game Saturday. UCLA's down to their third string qb, who drove the Bruins for a pair of field goals and a TD before time ran out.

There's just hectares of sad in there: the brutal injury, the fact that UCLA lost to Arizona, and the fact that UCLA's third stringer can roll in and put up 13 points in a little over a quarter on the Arizona defense.

Tony Barnhardt suggests that Georgia Tech needs to be careful before firing Chan Gailey. (Six years is really where you just begin to evaluate a coach, man.) However, we do agree on one thing: they do need to be careful with Gailey's $4 million dollar buyout, since crapping out that big a worthless pineapple of cash will leave them strapped to put up a competitive salary for a new hire.

LSUFreek of TigerDroppings has the best visual summation of LSU/Bama's rollicking game on Saturday. You could read a box score, but that has numbers and shit, and those are hard.

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