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An early Mustache Wednesday today, but an important one as we bid farewell to Robert Goulet, the golden-throated baritone who we remember most fondly as the villain in Naked Gun 2 1/2 and as one of the dinner guests in the final scene from Beetlejuice. Goulet never seemed to lose perspective on exactly where and when to make a cameo in popular culture, appearing on the Simpsons, doing commercials for college basketball on ESPN, and even participating in Wrestlemania VI. Hey, a gig's a gig, baby--come to laugh, but stay to pray.

To the pro, dead at 73. 100 COCKTAILS TO YOU SIR.

Goulet also served as the inspiration for one of SNL's most deranged and inspired late-night flatline hour skits, which you may view after the jump. Goulet! It's a wrap.