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We know that Tommy Bowden's head is on the chopping block for the fifth season in a row at Clemson, meaning that you think the man would take some offensive chances once in a while. He really didn't need to against Maryland this Saturday in a game where both James Davis (129 yds, 29 carries) and C.J. Spiller (106 yds, 17 carries) both gained over 100 yards in a 30-17 win.

This achievement gave Bowden untold points in his NCAA 2007 profile on XBox and also ensured that he could continue to ask Cullen Harper to make the short throws and efficient decision making that are hallmarks of the Rod Spence offense. It also meant that with a substantial lead, Bowden could monkey around a bit if he chose to during the waning minutes of the game.

But going for a 434 yard field goal with 2 seconds left in the first half? Forget any complaints about Mark Richt. That is classless behavior of the tenth degree, and elicited the following comment from his father, Florida State coaching legend Bobby Bowden: "Applesauce mmmrrrph."

Classless by any means: the 434 yard field goal.

(Massive HT: KP.) The other telling bit from this outlandish attempt: with a field of around 500 yards in length, Maryland finally has an excuse why they, with offensive genius Ralph Friedgen in control of the offense now, the Terps linger at 82nd in total offense with a mere 23.88 points a game.