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Corrupting youth the way it was meant to be done: one youth at a time.

Mike Bellotti's wife is crazay. Mike Bellotti's wife ain't nothing to fuck with, per John Canzano of the Daily Oregonian, who was screamed at and nearly slapped by the Oregon head coach's wife in the pressbox during the USC game. Madame Bellotti had taken issue with a column Canzano wrote about Bellotti's son, who got two DUIs and served a suspension from the team. Bellotti, five kids in tow and backed up by a fierce nanny, went bonkers on Canzano toward the end of the Ducks' otherwise stellar 24-17 victory over the Trojans:

She leaned in, grabbed by my suit lapel, and lit into me with a string of expletives, asking me if I have children, and telling me, "This is going to come back on you tenfold." And she threatened to slap me, which was not such a nice example in front of the kiddies.

I told it was poor form that she would approach me in the press box, with a strong smell of alcohol on her breath, hissing and spitting mad, talking to me about alcohol abuse.

The nanny lights into him afterward, a security guard is dispatched, and Canzano admits that she has better hair than he does (mostly because Colleen Bellotti has hair.) It's magnificent stuff that in the SEC would be the soap opera of the year, but will likely boil off harmlessly in the Pac-10.

(HT: Someone who texted last night, but whose number has no name attached to it. Please let me know if you were the one who tipped.)

Mark Mangino's appearance in a velour track suit was still really the biggest event of the weekend, both in terms of football and news-by-the-pound. Putting Up Bricks refers to the outfit as "the Bensonhurst starter kit in full effect."

Nice and quiet: that's how we like it at Michigan. Yost should be on the verge of having a stroke: a Michigan Associate AD complains about all that vulgar, pesky noise at football games. In a perfect world, this man would be tarred, feathered, and thrown in a cage with Rampage Jackson and Colleen Bellotti for dessert.

UGA/UF: a punter's holiday. Between the two teams there were only five punts, with UGA only punting twice on the day versus UF's headless defense. Joel has the animated drive chart up, and the theme for today is red, red, and more red. Make it work, designers!

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