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The order of business for the weekend:

1. Not go to Jacksonville thanks to a massive car repair this week. Suddenly, we really do envy the Subcommandante's sweet ride.

2. Liveblog tomorrow's games like we need a nerd to punk a nerd. I'm bleeding Fucking A! Be here all day thanks to a robust slate of games and no wife in town to distract us with talking, socializing, or other pesky humanities.

3. Find more cheesecake. Because we need a new theme for the weekly ass. Your submissions for a theme are welcome below, though we tremble at what you may suggest. Decisions will be made in a timely manner as they always are here, meaning sometime in the next 2 to 400 business days.

Until then, we post pictures of athletes in drag for cheesecake. Participate in the democratic process, or suffer more pictures of Darren McFadden in dresses.

Enjoy your weekend! And HUBBA HUBBA check out the lady on the left!

There's your damn cheesecake.