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In the Big Ten, the shit will hit the fan on Saturday night as a classic nexus of Big Ten football, Brent Musburger, and wholesome, sausage-downing fandom meet in Happy Valley as Penn State hosts the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes.

And if you do plan on attending the game, please note that big games at Penn State tend to have a laxative effect on fans, and that you may be hard up for a place to deposit the angry, glowing bolus of processed sausage and potato salad you're carrying around in your bowels like five pounds of spare change.

"The number of comfort stations being provided currently is woefully inadequate from a health and safety standpoint," Brumbaugh’s letter says. "The handful of comfort stations in the parking lots are, quite literally, full and overflowing with human waste creating untold potential health and safety problems for PSU football patrons and, ultimately, the general public."

(We blame heavy, hearty Midwestern fare for the problem--it's painful enough when your intestines grab the wheel, but the mandate becomes even more urgent when you've got a solid two pounds of brats, potatoes, and casserole blowing through the tollbooth without paying. Barbecue and chips at least stops you up until a bitter, teary fight-crap the following morning.)

The myth of overflowing styrofoam coolers at Ohio State tailgates remains that: a myth. (Albeit, one we heartily support, since it is funny, and should therefore be true. It's rollin'!) This, however, is a documented public health and sanitation crisis, with 100,000 tailgaters relying on a paltry 339 portable toilets for relief. The recommended number for a crowd of this size is 957, meaning that refugee camps in Chad could, theoretically, have better shit logistics than Penn State on gameday.

And big games really do seem to intensify the problem: while the average gameday sees 7,000 gallons of blue-brownish cloacal goo pumped from the premises, this year's Notre Dame game saw 18,000 gallons of shit punch taken off site. (We'll beat you to it. Charlie Weis was not the sole reason for the jump, and don't even try to suggest it.) We can only imagine that the combination of college football's two fecal superpowers--one mythic, one documented--could result in a turdocaust of rogue wave proportions.

HT: Senator Blutarsky.