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Les Miles remains "livid" over the chop-block delivered by Auburn linemen to LSU All-American Glenn Dorsey during last week's Auburn/LSU game.

"He (Slive) said that it (a penalty) should've been called, and it was wrong," Miles said. "He said that they're accountable and that they'll be responsible to do the right thing."

Miles, being the Great Communicator of college football that he is, also spoke with Tuberville, who apologized for the chop-block and reiterated that it was not intentional. LSU message boards remain artfully skeptical.

(The work of LSUFreek, again.)

The Big East admits it blew a call on a fair catch run by UConn in the Lousiville/UConn game, which is great except for the fact that Louisville remains screwed and saddled with a loss it likely would have turned into a victory otherwise. Then again, according to SMQ, Brian Brohm was playing such conservative, dump-off football and underthrowing balls badly, it might not have mattered anyway.

Bears Necessity already has the comforting battle cry for Cal Football 2007: "Number one for two hours!"

Your fescue does not please my angels. Pete Carroll was extremely displeased but only in the most pumped and jacked of ways with the quality of Notre Dame's turf before the Trojans game on Saturday in South Bend.

"I don't understand why it's like that. I mean who plays here? They sharing it with a local JC (junior college) or something?"

Pete's obviously not from the South, where insulting the quality of another man's fescue is a killing offense with only blood atonement as its conclusion. Watch for men in black bearing rakes and spray barrels, Pete--we wouldn't drive past the Garden Center of your local Home Depot without wearing Kevlar for a while. The Green Brotherhood never sleeps.

And now the loudest thing on earth: 90,000 drunk people telling you just how badly they beat you.

Warren's got the connoisseur's review at Fanopticon. Remember, it's not that the SEC's better than your conference. It's that we're not sure whether we left the carseat on top of the car when we pulled out of the driveway, and we're not going back to check until the game's over. L'il Bear Stabler's a tough one, though. Wherever he is, he'll get along all right, 'specially if the coyotes adopt him as one of their own. Make 'em tough.

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