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The Body Count for week eight of college football season grows long and fearsome. Tread lightly.

--Tim Tebow is "banged up," a medical term of great vagueness. It's his right shoulder, his non-throwing one and the very same one diagnosed by Dr. Gary Danielson on the broadcast. At the rate Danielson's been making accurate snap calls as the color guy on CBS, we predict that any and all premonitions of the rapture made by him will be one hundred percent accurate. If heard, immediately repent.

--Georgia RB Thomas Brown (collarbone) and Kregg Lumpkin (knee) are both out against Florida. Fortunately, Knowshon Moreno's been running countertops, so he's ready, fit, and itching to play.

--Addition! Georgia Tech's Tashard Choice will miss the November 1st game against Virginia Tech following knee surgery today (Thanks, Asim!). Quoth Chan Gailey: "I'm not getting fired. I'm being 'voluntarily transitioned'."

--Nebraska, already taking on water through gaping torpedo holes, takes a few more just below the mizzenmast with linebacker Blake Lawrence (ankle) defensive lineman Brandon Johnson, center Brett Byford, and linebacker Bo Ruud (10/22, knee) all questionable for Saturday's game against Texas.

--The North Carolina Tarheels' Tackle Andre Barbour and cornerback Jermaine Strong suffer injuries of the disciplinary sort, Barbour for weed-related infractions and Strong for "undisclosed reasons." (Stealing precious gems from impenetrable vaults? Trafficking in exotic animals? Cutting the heads off parking meters?) Both will miss this Saturday's game due to suspensions. Brandon Tate is probable following some noggin trouble of the concussed variety.

--Notre Dame running back James Aldridge is questionable for the game against Navy due to a sprained ankle and crushed spirit.

--Ohio State tackle Todd Denlinger is questionable with a leg injury for Penn State, along with linebacker Ross Homan (toe).

--Oklahoma State has someone on defense injured. Doesn't really matter, does it?

--West Virginia will be going for the hands, as Rutgers qb Mike Teel's right hand is bruised and has him probable for the WVU game.

--South Florida gets thinner on the line as starting tackle Walter Walker is out indefinitely with an MCL sprain against UConn.

--Tennessee receivers Josh Briscoe and Lucas Taylor are both sidelined by concussions to their toes. We mean, a toe injury and a concussion, respectively. Though we're sure a toe concussion, if possible, would hurt with the fire of a thousand burning stars.

--UCLA's middle of the defense is just done plain flat-out jacked-up, so injured only Cletus-ian parlance can describe it.

--Virginia Tech corner Victor "Macho" Harris is probable for VT's Thursday nighter against Boston College. He'll play because, you know. He's Macho.

--Most intriguing injury of the week: Noel Devine may miss Saturday's game against Rutgers due to "personal issues."