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That's college football's most Dadaist rivalry trophy, the River City Rivalry, being hoisted in triumph by its unlikely holders, the Pitt Panthers. Pitt upset Cincy in the game, thus delighting long-suffering Pitt fan Chas and further stunting the hype surrounding 2007 Cincinnati's renaissance.

It also means Pitt gets to hold the strange trophy for a year. What the hell they'll do with it is anyone's guess since it seems to be designed to be both impractical and unwieldy all at the same time. We can only guess at its uses, and what they're saying at this happy, joyous moment in Pitt's recently dismal football history.

"WOOOOO! We're turning this party all the way up to PITT!"

"And now Marco...summon the Old Ones! Now!"

"Who left the blue-whale-sized rectal thermometer out here?"

"Help! It's getting warm and vibrating! Someone help!"

"Look! ON! Wannstache. OFF! No Wannstache. ON! Wannstache! OFF! No Wannstache."

"Hey! HEY! What the hell am I supposed to do with this hunk of shit? GUYS!"

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