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The order of business for this weekend will be...nothing. Beautiful, sweet nothing. We're at home, watching football on television like the rest of you. Enjoy what in Atlanta will be the first, sweet, and just a bit nippy weekend of college football.

And you know what? To hell with a theme. In honor of things getting a touch un-blazingly warm around here, we're posting pictures of Swedish goddess Anita Ekberg because we're in the mood for a huge, beautiful Nordic goddess with a body declared illegal in 24 countries. She's not latina, but she is flaca rubio, which can get you damn near anything in Latin America, and damn near perfecto. We can't pose the nude pics, but they're out there if you look for them, and they will cause you some of the most exquisite physical pain you've ever felt based on visual stimuli alone. Don't search for them. Nope. Nuh-uh. Wouldn't want you to do that.

Enjoy your weekend.