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Wake Forest just sat back for a half and waited for Florida State to make mistakes, a game plan bordering on the maniacal if we were sitting in 1995 talking about this. However, we're not, and it worked: Xavier Lee spat the ball out and into the hands of a Wake defender late in the game, and the burly run game of Wake Forest (just typed that, yup) took over late in the game, allowing Wake to kick what would be the deciding field goal in a 24-21 victory over Florida State.

The game itself exceeded expectations, but we really watch the Thursday night games for Doug Flutie's inevitable jabs at Craig James' inferior intellect. And when Doug Flute can flex nuts on your brain power...well, read the quote.

Fowler: Bowden's also fond of this Tennyson quote.

Flutie: Hey, James. I know that's one of your favorites.

James (puts down paste): Fuck you! Was 'batin and watchin' "OW! MY BALLS!!!"

Fowler: (impales self on microphone, dies giggling.)

The first two lines are completely accurate. The rest is accurate in spirit, man.

He may be lambasted by Texas fans for being slow, but linebacker Robert Killebrew may be the EDSBS Defensive Player of the Year for entirely non-athletic reasons: he's got his own cooking show on the Texas football website called "Kill's Kitchen," and his favorite television show is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He sounds like the perfect running mate for a wealthy stoner...hey, McConoughey! We got the man for the job!

Barry Switzer has no recollection of that. In an article on spying in college football, a gem of a quote from former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, who allegedly once sent an Oklahoma booster dressed as a painter to spy on Texas' practice.

Some 20 years later, an Oklahoma booster allegedly dressed as a painter to get inside Memorial Stadium during a Texas practice. Switzer was a Sooners assistant coach then.

"I knew it happened," he said. Asked about how the plan was hatched, he replied: "That's so . . . long ago, I can't remember."

We believe him. Hanging out with Jimmy Johnson down on Islamorada for a week will wipe clean most people's hard drives, really.

From Booty to Sanchez. USC will start Mark Sanchez over an injured John David Booty this weekend. We will give you no odds on the number of "Dirty Sanchez" signs at Gameday, because you know we'll have 'em out there, bra! Can I get that Dane Cook CD back from ya?

Men----it's Friday. You need to growin' or dyin'. Your Lou Holtz inspirational vitamin for the day follows.

Let's go!
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