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A few Swindle Industrial Concern updates:

1. We're a published quarter-author, and will prove it to you in person. Come see Warren St. John and ourselves at the Barnes and Noble in Buckhead for the book signing for our masterpiece of bathroom reading, The ESPN Guide to Psycho Fan Behavior. We're going to Kramer's afterwards, a bar in North Atlanta. We'll need a ride, since we've never been to this...this..."Buckhead" you speak of, auslander.

2. More profanity-free writing may be found at the Sporting News, where we match beers to the major games of the week. We'll do a sex toys version on EDSBS next week just because we like the idea of casting Bama/Tennessee as a $200 Eroscillator Vibrotron of a game.

3. Your pockets are heavy! Purchase. It's the American thing to do. Hey, it's like Chik-Fil-A! Free sample lady comin'! (Click on the image to see full-size.)

Amazon wants to eat your money! Feed it! NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM!!! Then put it in the bathroom or give it to a male relative to put it in his bathroom to read in handy snippets!