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Wannstached! Running back LeSean McCoy ran mad furlongs against Navy all night, but when the time came to daringly end the game before a third overtime, the Wannstache reverted to true form by passing with his freshman qb not once, but twice on both third and fourth down to botch away the Navy game. Quoth Wannstedt:

If I had the same situation, I would do it again."

This may bring back nasty flashbacks for Bears fans. Quoth Wannstedt after going for two points and failing at the end of a 1997 game against the Miami Dolphins:

"Would I do it again?," Wannstedt said. "Definitely. It looked like the ball was just overthrown a little bit."

Holth wath magnifithent, though. Lou Holtz was in legendary form last night. Holtz threatened to punch Mark May in the face, ripped Wannstedt rightfully for not running on third down before going for it on fourth down at the goal line, referred to the flexbone as the wishbone all night, and was talking with his mouth full of whatever heart-attack-in-a-bun they were given in the middle of the broadcast long after May and Davis daintily nibbled and went back to the broadcast. Holtz is quickly becoming the demented uncle with progeria we never had.

Texas A&M will divuge the contents of emails sent to Aggie boosters by Dennis Franchione in his $1200 a year subscription newsletter in a news conference this morning. To make things look even sketchier than they might already look, the emails were difficult to recover because they weren't sent from campus computers.

600 pages=6 points. Someone, as a reader put it, "sneaked into Bill Callahan's fortress of mediocrity" and snapped a photo of Bill Callahan's playbook.

Dem's many pages for 6 points against Missouri.

Department of Specious Rumors: Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated allegedly made himself at home in Baton Rouge on Saturday night:

The pressbox gets a call from press will call saying that somebody claiming to be Rick Reilly is here wanting up to the press box. One of the SID's goes downstairs to check (Reilly had not requested any credentials before hand) and in fact it was Rick Reilly. He appeared to be drunk/stoned and was accompanied by a blonde that my friend's wife described as "looking like a stripper." Given that it was Rick Reilly, he was allowed up to the press box. Where he proceeded to spend the whole game making out with his friend. One of the other SIDs was quoted saying "those two need a room bad."

We had no idea Rick Reilly was so debauched, so reckless, and Who knew someone who gave two shits about the ineffective form of landscaping called golf could be that metal? PRESS BOXES OF THE WORLD, RICK REILLY CLAIMS THEM FOR HIS RUTTING-SPACE!!!

(HT: Billy in Baton Rouge.)
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