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You didn't watch the Kansas/Kansas State game on Saturday. We'd bet money on it. Early there was Wisconsin/Illinois, in the middle there was the Red River Rivalry and Georgia suffering a collective aneurysm of the spirit in Knoxville, and late there was Florida at LSU. We know we didn't watch it, what with the being chased by men attempting to feed us gumbo through funnels and the ritual LSU hello of being headbutted as a greeting.

So if we're looking to what put Fat Bastard and the Jayhawks up, we could point to the Jayhawks rushing for 170 yards to the Wildcats 53. Or to the fact that while both teams tossed 3 interceptions each, at least Kansas threw three TDs to balance out the accounts sheet, while Josh Freeman only threw one TD on his end to finish with a 1/3 ratio on the day. Or (numbers blah blahbedy blahbedy blahsome.)

Or we could just rely on this video, which while less statistically descriptive, certainly captures the essence of the whole affair.

Again, go nowhere in the universe without your power towel, as it's handy for wiping down tears of loss and feeding to a raging Mark Mangino when he's wrecking the postgame victory buffet with two hands and a foot. (Little known fact: he has dextrous toes. He can't see them, but he can manipulate objects with them.)

HT: Pete Jayhawk.