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[ODDS REDACTED] Illinois is favored by 2.5 points at home this weekend against the Wisconsin Badgers. They're getting better and better. Not only do we see improvement, but Vegas sees improvement, as well. Any and all problems are correctable! This may be as much an indicator of Wisconsin's wobbliness than Illinois's surprising early 4-1 run, since the Badgers have staggered through their wins in unimpressive fashion.

Honey dips!

Big Boi will perform with the Georgia Tech band at halftime during the Jackets' game against Virginia Tech on November 1st. Outkast played Gainesville once during our tenure at the University of Florida, ending their set with the announcement "Honey dips! All you honey dips! We in room 413 at the Holiday Inn. Come holla at your boys!" If Big Boi promises to invite all the ladies in the crowd to his hotel room on national television, this will actually be close to being worth purchasing a ticket to watch football coached by Chan Gailey.

Tennessee's athletic director says that this weekend's Georgia game won't determine the future of the Tennessee coaching staff, including the head Riblet-teer himself Phil Fulmer. This means this weekend's Georgia game with determine the future of the Tennessee coaching staff, head Riblet-teer Phil Fulmer included.

Radio! Suit up! Southern Miss truly was an object of torment for the football gods last night. And we don't mean your merciful Semitic gods, either: we're talking cruel, fire-tongued Hittite demonlords at work, here, as the Golden Eagles, already down to their third string qb Martavious Young, lost him on the third play of the game with a broken ankle. Injured second stringer Stephen Reaves came back in despite a strained oblique muscle and threw four interceptions and fumbled twice, proving that the oblique muscle is attached to every vital organ or muscle involved in being a quarterback.

Despite six turnovers, the Golden Eagles only lost to Rice 31-29.

Oh, this is so grossly unfair. Speaking of Southern may thank SMQ for this. Oh, and enjoy. Because you will.

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