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Andy Staples has the police calls of the Tony Joiner arrest. They're gripping stuff in that, "Hey, I can hear dudes yelling in the back" kind of way. The caller identifies him as "Tony Joiner of the Gators," which shows that celebrity of even the local sort is the gift that never stops giving.

For the moment, Joiner's case remains on the books pending a decision by the State Attorney regarding his case. The towing company wants to settle the deal out of court, but pressing charges isn't completely in their hands--the state may decide to press charges anyway, a decision most message boards are happy to ascribe not to the dictates laws of the state and the evidence of the case, but to the football loyalties of the attorneys and judges involved.

Whether Joiner starts at LSU is up to Meyer now. We have a whole shiny dollar to wager that he will.