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We can't remember a year more fraught with the scourge of mascot-on-mascot violence: first the Oregon Duck's teabagging of poor Shasta, the Houston Cougars' mascot, and now a tussle between James Madison University's Duke Dog and the Coastal Carolina Chanticleer.

The incident began when Duke Dog of JMU refused a handshake from the Chanticleer. the Duke then attempted an ill-advised kick to the tailfeathers of the Chanticleer, perhaps assuming that with such a sissified Chaucerian name, he'd hie to the nearest plush couch and pour out his sorrows with quill and ink whilst sipping on a nice glass of port.

He thought wrong. Chanticleer ain't no punk!

The whole incident is allegedly organic, with JMU's student newspaper calling for Duke to be "put on a leash" for his behavior while the Chanticleer is being excuse by Coastal because "he was letting it go." The duke should learn this lesson, though: mess one too many times with the rabble, and get rammed by more angry cock than you can handle.