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Alabama fans move slower in the long run--Fire [NAME REDACTED] went up in a matter of days following the ill-fated hiring of [NAME REDACTED] at Florida. However, for fast-twitch muscle fiber, no fanbase can rival that of the Crimson Tide's: went live on Sunday the 23rd, mere hours after the Tide lost to Georgia in overtime at Bryant-Denny Stadium in The Britney Game.

The site says "Nick’s middle initial is L. That stands for a ‘lil overrated." This starts with an 'A', but we're not the language police around here, or even the logic police. If you'd like to start off the site with loss one, then that's your right, you proxy server lovin' anonymous person, you. (Hey, at least we hide in plain sight.)

Just don't accuse Georgia players of drinking Frappuccinos. That's beyond the pale, really, especially when we guess Mark Richt, like most coaches, would drink weak Maxwell House from a clogged raingutter if he had to to get his caffeine fix. Sleep deprivation makes you surprisingly accommodating in the coffee department.

UPDATE! Mystery solved.