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A clear and present danger at all times.

Gameday: Still following the best matchups! Yessir! Gameday's laughable decision last year to go to the Nebraska/USC game in L.A.--where they started broadcasting at a weakly attended 6 a.m. session in the lonely parking lot of the Coliseum--is a bit more defensible as they go to the USC/NU game at Lincoln this Saturday. It really is the matchup of the two highest ranked teams in the nation with a #1 vs. a #14.

Fuck 'em anyway. Any and all objectivity espoused by Gameday is obviously compromised by the tethers of ABC/Disney/Globocorp/International Tetrahedron/Union Carbide Inc.--they just happened to luck out this week. Who needs them in Gainesville when we'll be there. EDSBS: a news source you can count on! To show up! Mostly sober! And drunk!

Awww, poor Kirby! Someone shut up his dad: Kyle Wright is the starter again at Miami after Kirby Freeman's hopeless performance in the 51-13 fleshfeast defeat to Oklahoma. Randy Shannon is already showing admirable leadership by opting for a mediocre and conservative quarterback over a mediocre and volatile qb as the starter. It's a bold commitment to .500, as opposed to a roller-coaster ride .500 record.

Aww, poor fuck lion! Marques Slocum, he of the legendary Facebook page and the pet fuck lion, was cited for misdemeanor alcohol possession in Ann Arbor. We would get our foam finger of moralizing, but this is a wholly appropriate response to Michigan's 2007 football season.

Wendell Barnhouse sees...a three-way logjam coming up in the BCS. ANARCHY!!!!

It's Tennesse Hate Week 3.0......and this is why the collective unconscious of the internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Whoever created this in the universe...thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hot donuts now! (HT: Joel.)

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