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...and so is his friend. Again, athletic directors of the world, please continue to NOT look at Facebook. Sean Glennon had a very, very rough night against LSU, getting pulled in the first half after Glenn Dorsey et. al chased him until he was sick.

If Glennon felt like puking afterwards, we guess he can handle it, as he demonstrates proper form in how to clear out the old upper alimentary canal in the photo below. (And that's what he's doing--fingers down throat, not a gun, and don't even get sanctimonious about a possible association with Virginia Tech, guns, blah blah blah. Girl's hurling, he's putting fingers down throat. End of story and save the emails.)

Pretty much how one should feel after getting hit by the LSU defense.

Glennon is 21, so he's entitled to get as soused as he likes, especially on spring break, the only thing that could explain a tan like that--your skin will only turn that color when alcohol meets sunlight through the medium of your flesh. (HT: Josh.)