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Lloyd sits in his garage, alone. A single light bulb burns above him. The floor is swept clean; he sits on a lawn chair in the dark. A bottle of scotch sits next to him; two buckets in front of him.

[SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap!) ]

Lloyd Carr: (sip.)

Laurie Carr: (from somewhere in the house.) Honey? You coming in for dinner?

Lloyd Carr: Hrrrmph.

Laurie Carr: Honey?

Lloyd Carr: I hear ya, I hear ya. Just another--

[SQUEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap.) ]

Lloyd: --few, I swear.

Laurie: Recycling's going out tonight, remember?

Lloyd: Hrrrrmph.

Laurie: I said, did you remember to--

[SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap!) ]

Lloyd: Yes, yes, YES. I heard you the first time.

Laurie: Then why didn't you say anything, honey---

Lloyd: Because I'm BUSY, that's why! Busy...

Laurie approaches the door, looks in and sees Lloyd with his head buried in his hands.

Laurie: Oh, Lloyd.

Lloyd pauses in his work. He stares, a lost man looking at his hands.

Lloyd: ...trying to figure this whole thing...out.

[SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap!)]

Laurie: You know I love you, right?

Lloyd: I know, honey.

Laurie: And the kids? They love you, too.

[SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap!)]

Lloyd: Yes, yes, I know, honey.

Laurie: And you'll get through this, you know this, right?

Lloyd: I know, I know.

Laurie tenderly touches Lloyd's shoulder. He puts his hand over hers, and together the years of marriage and shared love reveal themselves in one single, touching gesture.

Laurie: Tell you what. I'll take the recycling out, and you just come into dinner when you're ready, okay baby?

[SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap!)]

Lloyd: Okay, darlin'.

Laurie leaves, then ducks her head back in the door to the darkened garage.

Laurie: Any idea when that would be, sweet cheeks?

Lloyd: As soon as I work through this bucket, sweetheart.

Laurie: And how long is that?

Lloyd: I dunno. There's a lot of kittens in this bucket.

Laurie: And you have to kill them all, right?

Lloyd: Yes, dear. Every last one of them.

Laurie: See you then, baby.

[SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! (Snap!)]

(End scene.)