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The fallout from the Great Kittening continues for Michigan as the Wolverines drop completely from the AP and Coaches' Poll. Michigan fell from 5 to unranked in both the coaches' poll and in the AP poll. There were dissenters: one coach voted Michigan as high as tenth (Carr?) while Wayne Phillips of the Greenville Tennessee Sun went obstinately contrarian by putting them at 16 because...

"...Michigan has a good football team," he said. "I think they're worthy of being ranked. They may prove me wrong."

Wayne Rooney gets this treatment, too.

Quote him! Florida State also slinks from the ranks of the ranked with their rank offensive performance at Clemson Monday night. USC remains 1-2 with LSU, with Florida looking glaringly overranked at 3.

Also, Cal didn't get quite the bounce they should have out of their victory over Tennessee, meaning everyone else is just as confused as we are as to whether Tennessee's got defensive arthritis as badly as we think they do, or whether Cal's o-line is just that good. Either way, Cal brought them to their knees, which we blame on Clay Travis' banner cursing the whole thing.