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Marcus Monk, the lone offensive threat not wearing a running back's number on the Arkansas Razorbacks' roster, suffered a knee injury in practice yesterday. The injury is most likely some torn cartilage, according to Dr. Houston Nutt, who diagnosed the injury on sight after practice.

With the injury to Monk, the Razorbacks lose their last excuse to not run that most glorious of sledgehammer offenses the whole season: the single wing. Did you think your day was complete without the single wing? You were fucking wrong, sir/ma'am. Revel in its cromag glory, and eat a caribou leg cooked over open flame in honor of it. (Where no caribou is available, a Baconnator will do. You must eat if off the tip of a broadsword, though, to make the whole thing work.)

Its similarity to the Te-bone or the West Virgnia spread is, at times, frightening. The Wildcat looks downright sophisticated in comparison, what with all that "passing" done from it.* Your last excuse is gone, Don Porkrind. Embrace the single wing. You know you crave it.

*Four passes a year= a lot. Love, Houston Nutt.