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Mr Stabby feels love, too.

Nyan Boateng was a VHT who flamed out of the Florida program after accomplishing the following things:

1. Causing reporters to guffaw when he claimed he ran a 4.1 40 yard dash.
2. Not outplaying Kenneth Tookes for the fifth spot on the Gators '05 roster.
3. Getting stabbed in the leg by his girlfriend during a lovers' quarrel.

With that esteemed resume, Boateng transferred to Cal, but still made a cameo appearance back in Gainesville for one final hurrah--and what a hurrah it was:

According to Gainesville police Sgt. Chuck Reddick, Boateng attempted to enter the home of his former girlfriend early Thursday. When she refused to let him in, Boateng kicked in the door and entered anyway.

No one will ever love you like I will! NO ONE! A FELONY WILL WIN YOU BACK FOR SURE!!! Boateng has been suspended by Jeff Tedford pending the outcome of the case. If this is the same girlfriend that stabbed him in the leg, then Boateng has been put under the spell of a truly wondrous magic vagina. That's the only possible explanation for this, since if we got stabbed by a woman, we'd...well, we proposed, actually. Call this glass house shattered if you please.

Three points for the burglary, two points for the battery, and one point for the criminal mischief gets Cal six points that mercifully did not end up on Florida's tab.