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That noise you hear is Ed Orgeron speaking at SEC Media days, where he's just finished up a booming and "optimistic" rundown of the Ole Miss Rebels, all the while winning the pool for "most likely to fry our audio equipment."

Mock at your own risk. The Orgeron has endured tougher battles.

The Orgeron, putting down his croker sack full of blue chippahs, had two of the most intriguing quotes thus far from the Alabama equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival. One, he took a nifty slap at that pipsqueak Saban:

Orgeron first commented on Saban's impressive record saying, then belittled him saying "he won a share of a national championship." Saban claimed the 2003 BCS championship at LSU while Orgeron was an assistant coach at Southern California, a team the AP and others declared was the real national champion.

Then he finally explained how a Delta State walk-on became the starting qb at Ole Miss, saying that Brent Schaeffer's automatic spot as starter under center was an error on his part.

Orgeron raised eyebrows last year by naming Schaeffer the starter before he played a down. Now, he calls that a mistake.

"I wish I hadn't done that," he said. "That was for recruiting."

OWCOACHOBARRINDASOLETODATUBBYNINNYBOYMEDIATAHPES! BEENWATCHINDAOPRAH, GEDDINTOUCHWITHDAFEELINS'! Please, please let Ole Miss have a moderate amount of success this year--a league without Orgeron would leave us rent with grief. He's learned how to elbow other coaches properly at Media Day. He's evidently starting to learn from his mistakes (though the John Thompson hiring still has us befuddled.)

As long as the tally of wins doesn't include a victory on September 22nd, we're fine with whomever he beats, on the football field or in a dark alley in Oxford. Judging from some of the advance stuff we've heard about Feldman's book following Orgeron's recruiting around for a'll be pulling for him, too.