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We're extremely literate, hard-working, degreed and responsible people here. We do not wear Axe Body Spray. We have never gotten a DUI. We do not wear necklaces made of dull gray metal shaped into mock-chain link. We accept our eventual mini-vanned fates with glee. We love our wives and go to bed at responsible times only after sorting the recycling, making sure our BillPay account is in order, and taking the dog out for a walk.


Andrea Rincon, a Colombiana, we think. This is the safest picture we could find for the front pagina. The rest are technically safe for work, but again, probably not a great idea to have on the front page, as they feature extremely distracting amounts of bunda. (Seriously--if you have an ounce of hesitation, don't click more.)

And the video of one of her photo shoots, which is also likely "safe for work," but not really "safe for work." And we'll hear nothing of how filthy or nasty this is--it's cheesecake. There's no nudity, only fromage-ish posing. It's practically prime-time safe, or at least basic cable-safe.