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Ever have one of those days where you wake up convinced you've killed someone? Or robbed a house? And you're covered in blood and lying naked in the park, a human femur lodged in your mouth? That's precisely what every day is like for us.

Again? Dammit.

Therefore we welcome UCLA WR coach Eric Scott to the damn club, son. He probably woke up this a.m. and thought, "Man, did I allegedly break into a house yesterday and get arrested for burglary? Nah, that didn't...oh, shit." And like us in the park, he has to spend the rest of the day dealing with that fact (though fortunately for him, he's likely clothed and doesn't have to do the American Werewolf in London thing we have to do all the time. Do you know how few men in this world own a decent pair of 35 inch waist pants?)

The details are burbling up through the L.A. Times, and they're not very flattering to Karl Dorrell and the hiring process at UCLA. Scott had priors, including a misdemeanor concealed weapons charge and a disturbing the peace charge. Both charges could and are easily picked up on a lively weekend, but they look worse than they perhaps should in light of this police report snippet:

Authorities said Scott was arrested with Jesus DeAlba, 23, and Timothy Williams, 23, Tuesday afternoon after deputies received a 911 call about a possible burglary in the 11600 block of Pioneer Blvd. in Norwalk, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Sgt. Craig Harmon said.

"A neighbor saw the three suspects on the porch of a single-family home, then saw them force their way in," Harmon said. "When deputies arrived, the three were seen walking from the location, and were found with property from the house they admitted to taking."

Scott's attorney issued this statement:

"From my preliminary investigation, it appears that a mistake was made by the Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies that should be cleared up within a few days. There is no evidence that any crime was committed by Eric Scott or anyone with him."

Which is entirely possible--this is the LAPD we're talking about here. Scott's been placed on administrative leave for the time being while the charges are sorted out. Dorrell's standing by his man, but at a safe distance of a few feet just in case this turns out to have merit. Scott's been an inner-city recruiting force for UCLA--perhaps he just succumbed to that infamous inner-city pressure we've been hearing about.