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Nick Saban's been collecting secondary recruiting violations, according to Ray Melick on quoting "an official with knowledge of the infractions process."

This kind of leakage regarding secondary violations is common enough on message boards. They're the kind of tales usually involving second-root contact with recruits, dinners purchased on the sly, and IMPENDING TALES OF DOOM FROM THE NCAA. They also go nowhere--they're the equivalent of the 9/11/Zionist Conspiracy/Masonic Symbols videos that clog Youtube, conspiracy theories floating through the rhetorical flotsam and jetsam of the day.

Yet this one's printed in, and more importantly, it includes this:

In his seven months at Alabama, Saban's name has turned up more than any other coach's in other schools' allegations of secondary NCAA rules violations, an official with knowledge of the infractions process says.

That doesn't mean he's breaking more rules than anyone else - or that he's breaking any rules at all. It just shows how closely rival coaches are monitoring the Alabama staff.

The piece goes on to say how the NCAA tolerates a certain amount of secondary violations, much like your friendly local neighborhood policeman tolerates the 39 mph you were doing in the 35. That Saban's been tagged this often and this early means other SEC coaches a.) hate his ass already, and b.) fear his recruiting already.

Music to Crimson Tide fans' ears now, but in the loose and frisky world of Alabama recruiting, an early warning sign that the slightest trip will end up on the desk of the NCAA. We'd speculate many of the missives will have Chee-to stains on the margins of the paper.

One other thing Saban's been collecting: grey suits.

College football's better off with intrigue alive and well in Alabama. Not having them on the prowl and running reminds us of the Onion's version of John Dillinger's death: "AMERICAN PEOPLE MOURN: 'THEY KILLED OUR BELOVED DILLINGER.'" If anything, it's booming business for FOEDSBS Paul Finebaum, who'll have no shortage of things to enrage people about for the next four years. That's a universe put back on its axis, lawya.