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We're looking for two--that's right, TWO--instant senior correspondents to help us "cover" two events. We say "cover" because in no way should you maintain any semblance of journalistic integrity in writing about these events.

Our needs for instant senior correspondents are:

--One: we're looking for short, punchy, and potentially punch-drunk prose from one person who will become an instant senior correspondent by being home at 3:30 to watch the new ESPN College Football show.

You, too, can be an instant senior correspondent.

And two:

--We need pictures or anecdotes from someone who is going to be at SEC Media Days this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. We can't get off work, but if you are willing to go, we'll be happy to send you an EDSBS t-shirt and a box full of our eternal respect. Normally, has the obsessive tabloid coverage of the event down pat--but someone's got to photograph Les Miles walking out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, right?

Write us at harumphharumph of the yahoo type mail thingy variety to apply.