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Our instant senior correspondents are filing their reports to ESPN's new "College Football Live." We'll post them as we get them, since we're stuck being employed. Viva la cut and paste! The only consensus we can see after one show: Lee Corso is waxing orange at an alarming pace.

Corso Orange Rating, July '07: Yam-colored.

From Senior Theology and Media Correspondent Jebus H. Christ:

Right off the bat I'm wondering where Chris Fowler is? Are The Great Outdoor games this week? So as his first act as host of the show Rece Davis runs over to the Grambling State Band and clumsily tries to whip them into a frenzy and they completely ignore him. You got served!

I like the fact that Corso and Herbstreit are wearing matching suits. It's really cute. It also appears that Corso's been meringued. Why is he orange? He doesn't even look real, which is awesome, when you consider that Herbstreit is a lifesize My Buddy doll. Sorry girls, there's no snake in those trousers, Herbie's privates are a smooth, shiny plastic. I bet you could get attachments for him though...

Ray Rice of Rutgers is there LIVE! for an interview on the fake field with Rece Davis. Ray looks like he borrowed his suit from the Playmaker's wardrobe. It doesn't appear to have any buttons. And Rece Davis gets clowned, again, when he tried to get Ray to dance with him. No more dancing, Rece. Seriously.

Back over to Corso and Herbie. The whole time Corso talks, Herbie stares at him with a glazed expression... why is that look familiar?
It's the same look David Schwimmer had on his face when he played opposite Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm's version of The Producers. Corso is Max Bialystock! Wow, these guys are electric...