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It's been a slow news day, but we've still managed to have one of the biggest days on the site ever--and the biggest this offseason--because people can't get enough of D-Mac's panty-evaporating ride.

So it's gravy to us to be able to offer you this amazing toy created by the good people who brought you The Game That Ended Your Marriage™, NCAA 2008: the Taunt-O-Gram. It features a tiny cheerleader who, slave to your typing hands, will spell out pretty much whatever you want her to within the span of sixteen letters.

Ragin' Cajun, who started this whole thing with us, sent this first. Our variations follow after the jump.

Then, we figured we'd send Tennessee fans a message of pure joy:

One from Les Miles for his utterly mediocre 11-year-old neighbor:

And finally, something to warm Joe Pa's heart.

We'll post the good ones you send us, but please just send the jpegs. We'll gnaw an arm off if we have to wait for that hopping ninny to spell out one more word, and our cubemate's already down to one arm from the time we had to wait two minutes on hold.