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Real quick, but real interesting: the New York Post pops in with this, via the Big Lead:

Sources in several conference offices, athletic directors and television networks told The Post that support is steadily growing for a "Plus-1," format in which there will be a national championship game following the playing of two "semifinal games."

Roadblock, thy name is Delany, but a road grader's a-comin', and its name is television. The sources in the article all wax anonymous, but the overall impression from the piece is that television and the attendant money are driving the bus at the moment and headed straight to a system where bowls would rotate spots in a semi-final/final structure, thus keeping the powerful men in tackily colored blazers happy while opening the door for something resembling a playoff.

Playoffs? Yes, a playoff of sorts, sir.

The plan also would be in place to cash in on a new round of bidding for television rights once the current Fox contract expires in 2010. The money, in case you didn't know, is about to get just run-flat stoopid.