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The last spittlings of things we should have used this week, but instead turn into tasty old clothes for Friday afternoon:

So...smooth... We can't stop watching Yacht Rock. We're just addicted to the smooth and can't stop keeping the fire.

Fuck you Loggins! Your shitty music makes me puke. Must buy white shorts and boat shoes ASAP...

Sylvester Croom reads to a room full of schoolchildren. The children, frighteningly enough, wear no ear protection in the video, proving that Mississippi does not care about its children's future or hearing.

Vegas can't set a college football line to save its life, according to, um...Vegas.

UF mega-recruit John Brantley has no idea what EDSBS is. We're actually glad to see him focusing on football, and not reading our site. If we found out a potential starter at Florida was a big fan, we'd become very, very concerned.

Now the punter? Hop on this digital bandwagon, pardner. That's an EDSBS reader.

Eastern Washington's Mascot gets his feathery posterior kicked in a bar in what a local paper dubbed "a man-on-eagle fracas." Like the sight of a wrecking ball careening down a street full of parked cars, seeing this would be the sine-wave peak of my existence.

We're cordially inviting anyone and everyone who can to participate in the EDSBS Marathon at Disney World January 14th with us. They don't know we're sponsoring it, actually, since the site still says "Disney World Marathon" and all, but they're change that shortly, we imagine. You've got five months to help us represent Football Sparta, and help us kick non-finishers in the group down Tom Sawyer's Wishing Well in Frontierland.

Take care, and enjoy your weekend.