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That's the ad for NCAA 2008 that aired last night during the baseball all-star game, which we did not watch since we were busy doing EDSBS Live and not giving a shit about baseball. Seeing this did not help our struggle with buying an XBox, which we figure will cost us at least this much money:

--$435 minimum for system setup

--Another hundred for crap we don't need but crave like sweet, sweet blueflake (headsets, new video game rocker, vibrating wireless codpiece)

--$60 for NCAA 2008

--Calculated loss of wages and labor over the next year. Even at blogging wages, which we'll calculate at fifty cents an hour for no particular reason, that will add up to $3.5 billion over the next six months lost to playing NCAA alone. Once Mercenaries Two comes out, our losses could add up to the net worth of several Balkan republics since we'll not only be able to run the "All Speed Option and Statue of Liberty Offense" with our newly created "Peter North University Gushers," but can throw our brain a changeup by burning down whole Venezuelan towns with nothing more than a cell phone and a lighter.

Even with that and this morning's replacement of a radiator in the Swindle FAB1...well, it is our birthday tomorrow, no? And we couldn't have an EDSBS league without the PNU Gushers and their wily Dutch coach Vaas Deference, right?