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Without coaching a game yet, Gene Chizik has caused a frenzy in global currency markets unseen since the advent of Chiang Kai-Shek's Golden Yuan: the Chizik-Nickel, or as speculators are already calling it, the "Chickel." (HT: Keosahawkeye.)

Yours for only $15, the Chickel commemorates the upcoming 2007 season by putting Chizik in profile on antique gold. Looking at the picture, we've never noticed what a striking similarity there is between Coach Chizik and Chief Sitting Bull, were one to cut his hair and place him in a three-piece suit.

As compared to other coach-emblazoned swag, it's impressive. For example, this completely kicks the ass of the [NAME REDACTED] seat cushions they handed out two years ago at Illinois. They were unpopular with reason, however, as they tended to get soft and give out somewhere around the early fourth quarter.