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We close the week at EDSBS by thanking you for one of the more amusing weeks we can remember, even stuck as we are in the depths of the offseason.

--Kenny Irons, midgets. See below.

--Henri-Bernard Levy became our new media critic.

--Tennessee cracked the Fulmer Cup standings.

--A simply cracking edition of EDSBS Live! with the greatest piece of advice we've ever heard: "You're pretty drunk right now, you probably shouldn't eat that."

--The Seven-Inch Linebacker.

--Joel's brilliant Blake Mitchell tribute.

This weekend, to celebrate, we will christen our new Weber Grill, the minimalist genius-tool of all charcoal warriors. This should be easy as hell considering the early birthday gift came with an accessory we purchased off Rammstein's helpful website.

Enjoy your weekend. We'll be back on Monday with third-degree burns.