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Walk-ons at Colorado were charged less for training meals from the years 2000-2005, a violation of some clause in the NCAA's 3,289 page rulebook on student conduct that will cost the University of Colorado three scholarships and two years on probation.

(Pause. Inhale. Exhale.)

There's plenty of monkey feces to hurl at everyone here--grab an umbrella, because we're about to make it rain. First, poop on Gary Barnett for not hiring someone to notice the little things that kill or make management of something as large as a football program, or heaps of shit on him for letting little shitbag things like this fly under his extremely underpowered mental radar without considering the potential consequences cloud his thinking.

Sooper Genious Barnett strikes from beyond the career grave.

We now, more than ever, imagine Gary Barnett as the guy who fails to claim an elephant-size chunk of income from his taxes ("Hey, I never imagined the BurnLounge account would do so well, man.") and then just hopes that sending the auditors out to his house to dig through piles of Vitamin Shoppe receipts costs more than the money they'd recoup off the audit.

Also, piles of feces hurled to the NCAA for the deepening mess that are its illegal benefits rules. The Colorado thing is most definitely a violation under the rules, but why stop with what you've got? Signal to Noise is thinking fierce when he suggests in a very Modest Proposal-ish way that it doesn't go far enough--the NCAA should codify student behavior toward athletes, because surely the status and esteem they get affords unfair benefits to them in the form of especially forceful blowjobs, entry to private parties, and ultimately airtime on ESPN, a form of advertisement whose price far exceeds the $61,000 or so Colorado spent on extra calories for walk-ons.

And if you don't think the cash value of especially forceful blowjobs and free advertising for your football skills exceeds $61,000 dollars and isn't a benefit other students don't get...well, like people who don't smoke Tarrlytons, then fuck you. In the name of logic, we won't be satisfied until Myles Brand spends a few minutes of the day writing a code stating that if a student athlete doesn't get teeth and also gets a push on the dirty doorbell from a fellatrix, then a regular student should, too.