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In signing out for the weekend, a few things bear mention here. Namely, two things you need to read:

--Fire Mark May's guest column by Nick Saban, which has just a touch of anise for snap!

--Big Daddy Drew's column on his ultimate Fathers' Day. It's better than anything we've ever written.

Also, note that we fell out of the Hot Bloggers' bracket this week, losing to Digital Headbutt in a respectably close vote using Tim Tebow's picture as our own. Perhaps we would have been better off using a real picture of us taken in Las Vegas with our future self visiting from the year 2020.At least we could blame ourselves, and not the shiny muscles of Baby Rhinowonder Tebow, who makes no errors and fouls not the Earth with a speck of unholiness.

But the future is looking sexayyyy, if we may say so ourselves.

Orson, meet Future Orson, who IS wearing jorts and has somehow become a K-State fan.

Enjoy your weekend.

ps. 100 Percent Injury Rate thinks Calvin Murphy is an impressive sperm sprinkler with 14 illegitimate children. We think the odds are good that Screamin' Jay Hawkins actually fathered Calvin Murphy: he owned up to 57 kids during his life, so many that a website (now defunct) called popped up to handle all the inquiries.