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We know Jimbo Fisher's rebuilding the FSU offense, and that that has a shocking consensus building up that FSU's going to return to dominance in the ACC, and that worse still, if you don't think this then you--E-fucking-gads!--agree with dissenter Dennis Dodd, as SMQ pointed out yesterday.

FSU's former wunderkind turned interception donor Xavier Lee is one of the big reclamation projects on the docket for Fisher, who must be really pushing Lee to the limit. Because there's an awful lot of limit pushing going on for Lee down in Tallahassee. As in the limits being pushed, and limitizing of pushable limitness.

On offseason conditioning:

It's going well. Everyone is pushing themselves to the limit. I think everyone is doing a good job of interacting with the guys and pushing it to the limit.

On his improved work ethic:

It's definitely sunk in. I'm just trying to focus a lot more and work a lot harder personally to just push my self to the limit.

Limitpushpushlimiting. I'm pushing limitations to their unpushable limitness. The limiltess pushing of my limitations has pushified limitosity to the pushacious limittasticness of my limiting. Put simply: I'm pushing limits.

Or, as reader Miguel suggests, perhaps Miguel's been finding inspiration bumping his speakers to a little Corbin Bleu:

And now thanks to Miguel, this is all we'll hear whenever Xavier Lee takes the field this fall. And for that, we thank you, because he's in it, in it, to win it, win it!