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Feel, feel, feel my bandwidth: the Swindle Empire, all three square semantic feet of it, has expanded to AOL in the form of Das Fanhaus.

The Fanhaus is an excuse to do several things at once.

First, it's our excuse to validate a degree in international affairs. Seriously, it hasn't made us a dime yet, and it's time to get some of that sweet student loan money back. Compound interest is a bitch, y'all, and she's not getting any friendlier.

Second, we can post about international sports, which means we can literally post anything we want. Seriously: by definition, EVERYTHING is international sport. Even this:

The beast has beat the man! Suck it, little people!

And third, it's an excuse to fulfill our dream of including a Youtube Clip with every single post and simultaneously write about some of the constant derangement of international sport we can't really shoehorn into a college football blog. It won't interfere with EDSBS, mostly because it's stuff we're reading about and IM'ing with friends about anyway. In that respect, it might actually improve our productivity, since we spend half the day chatting with Weo Tai and sending each other Mercenaries 2 preview and bike crash videos. Now we can just write about them and be done with it.

So stop on by. You have nothing to gain but lost productivity at work, proletarians!