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Joe Namath, before he was known to a younger generation as the guy who wanted to make out with Suzy Kolber and stated so publicly and in Ms. Kolber's presence, was the most charismatic 50 percent passer you've ever seen and a "Nightlife Decathlete" for the ages in the 1970s.

Namath lived through it, though sadly his Fu Manchu mustache did not. We mournz it.

Click after the jump for more awesome Namath-ness. Really, if a random internet search turns up this much in just pictures, the reality of Namath's leisure time from 1968--1982 or so had to be extremely hard to believe without seeing it.

Not now, baby. Got some wind sprints and chest-expander drills to do.

Like Matthew McConoughey, went shirtless for years at a time. Seen here on set with Ann Margret, power Swede whom he nearly banged into being Finnish.

Namath, rocking the mink on the sidelines. That's some expensive carcass, you have there, sir.