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Yes, the site blew up for a few hours this morning. We're moving on and drying our tears as we speak.

Ryan Perrilloux, perhaps seeking a deeply satisfying evening of faro-playing, bourbon-chugging, and flirting with ladies of ill repute in hoop dresses and bustiers, attempted to board a riverboat casino in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this past Saturday.

The shocking part? He was actually carded and arrested, presumably after watching eight-year olds with buckets full of nickels and daquiris in hand walking freely past the guards at the casino doors. This would not be a big deal if Perriloux hadn't already been associated with a a counterfeiting ring that used casinos to exchange faux cash using casino tokens. It was also not be a big deal if he'd attempted to use his own ID, which he didn't, instead opting to use his brother's ID--the attempt that got him ultimately arrested.

Ryan Perrilloux: looks almost like his older brother. Key point: almost.

Empirically, it's small change. The Fulmer Cup awards LSU a point for this. Anecdotally, though, this has got to be heartening for Matt Flynn, LSU qb. His only real serious competition for the starting role just evaporated thanks to an indefinite suspension by Les Miles. And even when he comes back, Perrilloux's continued loitering at casinos shows he may be suffering from the most dangerous injury of all: the dreaded sprained cerebrum.