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In no way are we making a gay porn double entendre here. No sir. Because we are.

Los Angeles, (AP)--Mitch Mustain's road has been a long, hard one. But the turmoil for now is over as he accepts an invitation to join Pete Carroll and the USC Trojans for the remainder of his college career and tries to break into the game on the West Coast.

The choice, Mustain says, made him drop to his knees in gratitude.

Jack Horner: thinks Mustain has potential.

"Hey, not everyone gets to come out West and work in the industry they want to work in, so I consider myself lucky. It's not the starting job, sure. But I can learn a lot in the meantime from John and the really big guys who get to be in the spotlight."

Mustain paused, and smiled. "And in the meantime I'll be swallowing everything they throw at me just to push them to the edge and make them want it just that much harder."

Pete Carroll said Mustain, like the other quarterbacks, will have to work his way up from the bottom.

"It's a different game out here, and Mitch understands that. He was used to being THE stud in a scene. Now he's just going to be another guy working hard for a shot. We'll ride him. We'll bust his ass. We'll make him beg for it to see how much he really wants it."

John David Booty praised Mustain's humility upon meeting him. "A lot of guys want to come out and make it here. Not many have the kind of work ethic Mitch has. I did it when Leinart was here--hell, I was practically his slave. But look at me now--I pitch, they catch. It's a quarterback's dream. And if he works hard enough, it'll be Mitch's someday."

Mustain, for one, doesn't mind bending down for his chance at stardom.

"Hey, I could be on the streets. Instead, I'm working where I can with some great, great guys, and learning all I can. When I get an agent, all this will be worth it, and no one will remember me backing up Booty. All they'll remember is Mitchy here going deep--real, real deep."