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Declare your love for the wishbone, and the 'bone freaks come out of the woodwork. Reader Peter sends us the following email:

Dear Orson and Stranko,

It was an absolute pleasure to log on this morning and check out the video clip of Oklahoma running the 'Bone. While fairly simple to execute, this offense was absolute deadly in its efficiency and effectiveness. As a long-time Colorado Buffaloes fan, even I have to admit that the Sooners' wishbone attack was a beautiful thing to watch.

That said, I think you could have found a much better video clip to illustrate the mechanics of the offense. May I present to you QB Darian Hagan, circa 1989, making use of the 'Bone offense to produce what many consider the greatest run in Colorado football history:

Late pitch! As usual, our readers prove to have a longer memory, better taste, and a longer reach into the archives than we do. And yes, Peter, that block by the fullback is just obscene. One minute his man's there, and the next he's an irrelevance.