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Sylvester Croom's already lived three lives in one: Alabama offensive legend, NFL coach, family man, lover, fighter, and now the first African-American head coach in the SEC. He truly has grown into a man of all seasons, a philosopher-king in his own right.

And now, he wants to share his greatest joy with you: the joy of music. Please, bear with the atrocious audio quality of the first minute (the producers said the song "needed edge!") and listen to Sylvester Croom's debut album, available on Mud Dog Records for only $39.95, including bonus concert DVD.

We now present to the world...Sylvester Croom, laying down hot tracks on his debut album dropping right here, right now: Sylvester...Croons.

(Psst! Hey! All you need to know is that Sylvester Croom has a very, very deep voice. Proceed!)

MP3 File

Finally, it's happened to all of us: Sylvester Croom sings.